The Bolshoi Brothers Release Just A Girl

March 14, 2023 | Press Release, News


On March 14 2023 The Bolshoi Brothers released Just A Girl, the first single from their upcoming album. It comes four months after the duo launched their website that featured another song from the album, Steam Funk

The new single, available on most of the major streaming music platforms is accompanied by a video featuring Nova Clark of Seattle duo Alt Suite as "The Girl" filmed primarily on location in Seattle's International District. The video also includes footage of Trevor Tanner in and around Jacksonville Beach, Florida, shot by videographer Matus Foris, a fleeting shot of Clark reminiscent of a Bond films' opening credits sequence shot by fellow Alt Suite member Vegas Storm and a brief shot of Paul Clark singing along to the chorus shot at Seattle's Golden Gardens beach, some 3,000 miles away from the Tanner shots.

"We wanted to get away from the performance based video we produced for Steam Funk and go with something more esoteric, something darker and moodier that told a story but with some performance elements, and I think we found a good balance." said Paul Clark the duo's keyboard player.

The duo are preparing for the release of their next single, followed by a full-length album and live perfomances to be announced.

Just A Girl Single Cover

Just A Girl Single Cover

Video Links: Steam Funk

Video Links: Just A Girl

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